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About Infusion

Consisting of past members of the Infusion 2014 and the Penn State JaDhoom
fusion dance team, the Infusion management team has gained considerable knowledge and expertise by traveling across the nation and participating in a variety of Filmi-Fusion competitions. After two successful years in the filmi-fusion circuit, the Infusion board is back for its third season, and promise to make it even bigger and better than before. It continues to firmly believe in the values our founders passed down to us, pledging to move forward with the same sincerity, hospitality and entertainment. Above all, the Infusion management team has come together to organize a competition that would provide the nation with the finest of South Asian culture.

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Where is it?

The venue of Infusion 2015 is the prestigious Eisenhower Auditorium, which can accommodate up to 2,500 people. Eisenhower Auditorium is Penn State’s primary theatrical performance space and is also one of the largest stages in the country. Opened in 1974 and later named after the former University President, Milton S. Eisenhower, the modern style auditorium hosts more than 200 events each year. Famed artists and ensembles have graced Eisenhower’s stage and mesmerized the State College community throughout the years.

The Infusion Management Team!!

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