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Saturday, March 19th 2016
The Pennsylvania State University

About Infusion

Consisting of past members of the Infusion 2015 and the Penn State JaDhoom fusion dance team, the Infusion management team has gained considerable knowledge and expertise by traveling across the nation and participating in a variety of Filmi-Fusion competitions. After three successful years in the filmi-fusion circuit, the Infusion board firmly believes in the values the founders passed down to them, pledging to move forward with the same sincerity, hospitality and entertainment. Above all, the Infusion management team has come together to organize the best Filmi-Fusion dance competition in the nation. After breaking the barriers with a four camera angle HD live stream and Miss America, Nina Davuluri as the host of the show, Infusion management team is back for its fourth season, and promise to make it even bigger and better than before. The winner of Infusion will receive points towards being a bid to Bollywood America 2016 | April 9, 2016 | Cleveland, OH.

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Where is it?

The venue of Infusion 2016 is the prestigious Eisenhower Auditorium, which can accommodate up to 2,500 people. Eisenhower Auditorium is Penn State’s primary theatrical performance space and is also one of the largest stages in the country. Opened in 1974 and later named after the former University President, Milton S. Eisenhower, the modern style auditorium hosts more than 200 events each year. Famed artists and ensembles have graced Eisenhower’s stage and mesmerized the State College community throughout the years.

Team Registration

We invite YOU to apply to and experience a weekend full of excitement and create unforgettable memories. Our Registration Directors can't wait to start the application process and answer any questions you may have. If you are accepted, don't be alarmed if they add you on Facebook, text you...maybe even Snapchat you...and become your new BFF. They tend to get over excited for this competition, start the count down way too early, and absolutely love keeping in close contact with our teams. We want Infusion 2016 to be the best experience for you and your team and we'll go the extra mile if that's what it takes. Whether you're a dancer, a captain, run another competition, or just obsessed with this circuit like we are, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at  registration@pennstateinfusion.org and we can start the conversation....can you handle the heat?

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The Infusion Management Team!!

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