Infusion Committee

Akanksha Bhusari

Akanksha is a freshman in the Schreyer Honors College majoring in Data Engineering. She is involved in Women in Engineering, Schreyer Student Council, and likes to paint and draw in her free time. She loves all kinds of dance; she is trained in Indian Classical Dance and is a member of Penn State Natya. She is very excited to be a part of Infusion!

Akriti Sharma

Akriti is currently a junior at Penn State majoring in Finance. Akriti grew up dancing fusion, and has danced for Penn State JaDhoom, serving as captain last year. Extending her passion for Filmi-Fusion dance, she is very excited to become more involved in the Desi Dance Circuit and help facilitate the judging process for Infusion this year. In her free time, Akriti loves to travel, watch Bollywood movies, and dance. Her favorite dance styles are Bollywood and Bhangra. A little fun fact: Akriti speaks 3 languages and hopes to travel to every continent (including Antarctica) someday.

Anuj Shah

Hi! I’m Anuj and I’m a senior studying Energy Engineering here at Penn State. I’ve been a part of infusion since my first year at school. I’ve come back year after year because of the great experiences and the new people I’ve met throughout the years! In my free time, I like to spend time with friends, binge Netflix, and travel when I get a chance.

Avani Gandhi

Avani Gandhi is a sophomore at Penn State, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and back on the Infusion Committee for her second year! Last year, she was a liaison for Infusion's winning team, UCBerkeley Azaad. This year, she is a hospitality manager, part of the team that is going to bring you the best mixer in the circuit!! In her free time, Avani is active with lots of clubs on campus, binge watches Netflix, and explores every coffee shop in State College. Though she hasn't been involved on a collegiate team, Avani has been dancing for her whole life and also used to figure skate and is really excited to handle the heat for Infusion 2018!

Dhruv Pandya

I’m a sophomore majoring in civil engineering. A brother at Delta Sigma Iota fraternity and in a Thon committee. I love to go out, travel and meet new people. I also lived in Brasil for a year in the student exchange program.

Harshil Parekh

Hi! I'm in my senior year in Accounting. I'm from Birmingham, England. I'm interested in video games, soccer and a recent phase of listening to country music. I joined Infusion because I had great experience volunteering last year and I felt like I was part of a family. A fun fact is that I can move my ears. My favorite quote is to "Be a rainboow in someone's cloud".

Inshya Desai

Inshya is a junior majoring in Biology with a focus in vertebrate physiology. Her first year involved with Infusion was last year as a committee member, and she back again this year! Inshya is not only involved in dance through Infusion, but she is also a part of Penn State's Raas Team. When she is not spending time with dance, you can catch her outdoors going for a run or on a hike!

Jeffrey John Jacob

My name is Jeffrey John Jacob and I am a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. I joined infusion because I was fond of bollywood fusion dance. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball ,graphic designing and binge watching TV shows.

Kajal Jaggi

Kajal Jaggi is a Senior studying Hospitality Management. She was on the Infusion Executive Board for 3 years, having served various positions such as Executive, Registration, and Sponsorship Director. This is FINALLY her last year being a part of Infusion. In her final year, she looks forward to working with other committee members and teaching them the foundation on what Infusion was built off of. When she's not spending time with her family, you can find her relaxing with a Starbucks in her hand and being a reality show junkie.

Kajal Nakodkar

Hi!! I’m Kajal and I’m a junior majoring in Industrial Engineering here at Penn State. This is my first year being a part of Infusion and I’m so excited to help make this year’s competition the best one yet! In my free time, I love baking, watching vines (rip), eating good food, and watching HIMYM.

Manan Garg

Hey! My name is Manan Garg and I’m a sophomore studying biology. Aside from Infusion, I am also part of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Pre-med Society, Biology Club, and Global Brigades. I love all sports, watching and playing, and I will always root for my New York teams, and of course all Penn State sports. For me the end goal is to be a doctor because it means a lot for being there for individuals at their most vulnerable times. I always find a way to help others, for me there is no greater joy than putting a smile on someone’s face. To be honest, that is exactly what Infusion has done for me. It gave me a family who always put a smile on my face. This will be my second year on Infusion, and I have had no greater experience here in college then I have had with Infusion. I can’t wait to get to know more of the new committee members this year, and of course I can’t wait to make this Infusion the best ever!

Nida Zubair

I am Nida Zubair and I'm a freshman enrolled in the 7 year medical program here at Penn State. I have been dancing since I was 5 years old and I am so excited to be this years co-community liaison for Infusion! Along with Infusion, I am also on Penn State's fusion dance team, JaDhoom! I am so excited to be part of the Infusion 2018 team and can't wait for you all to see what our kids have in store for you!

Preeti Patel

Hi guys! I'm Preeti! I'm a Senior majoring in Health Policy & Administration and minoring in Business. Besides Infusion, I'm involved in the South Asian Student Association and THON! An unpopular fun fact about me is that I'm an obnoxiously loud New York Giants fan and I am proud of it despite our less than spectacular season. I am super excited to be a liaison this year! :)

Preeyal Patel

I'm Preeyal, and I'm a junior PreMed major! I love dancing, and I'm a captain of Natya, Penn State's Indian classical dance team! In my free time, you can find me drawing, reading, or watching Bollywood movies.

Resham Patel

Resham is a freshman majoring in Political Science. She was born and raised in Tampa, Florida so moving to State College was a huge culture shock. However, she loves Penn State and is super happy about her decision to push her boundaries and move. Her passion is singing and she has trained vocally in Hindustani Classical for six years. Along with singing, she has been dancing since she was five years old, just recently getting certified in Kathak dance. Resham was drawn to Infusion specifically because of her background in art. She is super excited to be a part of the Infusion committee and witness the competition for the first time!

Ritwik Biswas

Hi! I am currently a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Outside of classes, I love to play tennis, badminton, guitar and also bike around campus! At Penn State, I'm also involved with Engineering Ambassadors, Ecocar Team, and THON. During breaks, I enjoy traveling to new and exotic places around the country and the world! Some fun facts about me are that I studied abroad in Germany this past summer and that I've never lived in one house for more than four consecutive years. This will be my second year part of the Infusion team as a liaison and I'm really excited for the competition in March! I joined Infusion because I wanted to meet new and exciting people that had the same background and interests as me while still having loads of fun throughout the year.

Rohit Nagaraj

Hi, my name's Rohit Nagaraj. I'm a freshman in the Pre-med program. I'm from Indiana. Some of my hobbies include snowboarding, skiing, longboarding, mountain biking, playing tennis, and dancing. I spend a lot of time on youtube and netflix. I'm currently a part of Sher Bhangra, club tennis, and club snowboarding. I also love going to the gym and making gainz. #bigboyszn

Sarthak Varma

Whatsup guys! My name is Sarthak Varma (but go by Sarth) and I am a Junior Economics Major here at PSU. I am a singer and a dancer and was on teams at PSU in the past, an EMT, the treasurer for Iota Nu Delta, and currently an intern for Course Hero. I'm usually the guy jumping around and getting yelled at to stop whatever I was doing to get a brief overview of me. My ultimate goal in life is to be able to impress Indian aunties everywhere. I have perfected chai making already and am in the works to master the round roti.

Shreya Bhatt

My name is Shreya Bhatt and I am a junior majoring in Neurobiology and double minoring in Psychology and Business. I’ve been learning Bharatnatyam since the age of four and I continue to pursue this passion as a member of Penn State Natya. I absolutely love to dance and getting involved with the fusion circuit through Infusion these past two years has been such a memorable experience that I can’t wait to delve even further into the dance circuit this year. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, traveling, and singing. Fun Fact: I’ve been playing the piano for 14 years!

Shreya Kapoor

Shreya Kapoor is a Senior majoring in Accounting. She was born and brought up in Kuwait although she is originally from New Delhi, India. Shreya has had a passion for dancing and singing from a very young age. She also has a degree equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Indian Vocal Classical Music. She’s a major Bollywood fan and enjoys hindi and modern punjabi music apart from the regular english pop music. In her free time, you will find her hanging out with friends, shopping or watching tv shows/movies. This is Shreya’s second year with Infusion as Sponsorship Manager and she is extremely excited for Infusion 2018.

Sneha Moncy

Hi my name is Sneha Moncy and I'm a sophomore majoring in health policy & administration at Penn State. A little fun fact is that I live off of rice and wine but i’ll pass on the ricewine (haha sake).

Sneha Panackal

Sneha is a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering here at Penn State. She brought the heat last year as an Events Manager for Infusion 2017 and cannot wait to fire it up again as a Team Liaison for Infusion 2018. On campus, you can find her either studying in the library or living it up at the Learning Factory with the Penn State Racing club. Her interests include watching Friends on Netflix, alpacas, eating Penn State creamery ice cream despite her lactose intolerance, and of course going to Penn State Football games.

Swapna Vasudevan

Hi, I'm Swapna! I'm a Junior on a Pre-Med track and this is my first year doing Infusion, and I couldn't be more excited. I've been a part of Fanaa - Penn State's only fusion Acapella team - for three years now and have loved every minute of competing, traveling, and performing with them. In my free time, I love reading, baking, catching up on Jane the Virgin and watching cute videos of puppies.

Taniya Abraham

Taniya Abraham is a freshman majoring in Forensic Science Chemistry. When Taniya's not studying in the HUB, she's binge watching Bob’s Burgers or uploading pictures on her foodstagram, @taniyasgoodeats . She can't wait to see what her first year on Infusion will have in store!

Vaibhav Garg

Hi, my name is Vaibhav Garg and this is my first year being involved in Infusion! I am in my final year at Penn State and am a Pre-Med major and a Health Policy & Administration minor. I have gone to Infusion every year while at Penn State and have had an awesome time at the show. I also love to dance myself and am on our Penn State Sher Bhangra team, and I love to sing too as a member of our South Asian fusion acapella team, Penn State Fanaa! I am very excited to be a team liaison for Infusion and be a part of this amazing process with some really awesome people, and cannot wait for the upcoming show :)

Vibha Modi

Hi! I'm Vibha and I'm from Lansdale, Pa (outside of Philly). I'm a freshman who's majoring in management information systems. I'm currently a dancer on Sher Bhangra, a liaison in the South Asian Student Association, and a member of a THON R&R committee. I enjoy traveling to different countries and trying new food, and I LOVE chocolate. I've also been a dancer for almost 14 years and I can't wait to be a part of the fusion circuit!

Yash Shah

Yash Shah is a junior from Long Island, NY majoring in Economics and minoring in Energy Business Finance. Outside the classroom Yash is also involved heavily in other organizations such as President of the South Asian Student Association, a Dancer Relations Committee Member for Penn State THON, and publicity chair for Penn State Sher Bhangra. Yash’s hobbies include creating videos, waiting for the next season of Rick and Morty to drop and traveling. This is Yash’s 2nd year being part of Infusion as a liaison!