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Infusion Committee

Akash Kaneria

I am senior at PSU, who is majoring in Information Sciences Technology with a minor in Security Risk Anylasis. I am hoping to start my own my business in next 3 to 4 years. Beside infusion, I am also involved with THON, where I am part of organization called Apollo and on the communication committee. Also, I am avid sports fan, I enjoy playing and watching football and basketball.

Akriti Sharma

Akriti is currently a senior at Penn State majoring in Finance. Akriti grew up dancing fusion, and has danced for Penn State JaDhoom, serving as captain last year. Extending her passion for Filmi-Fusion dance, she is very excited to become more involved in the Desi Dance Circuit and help facilitate the judging process for Infusion this year. In her free time, Akriti loves to travel, watch Bollywood movies, and dance. Her favorite dance styles are Bollywood and Bhangra. A little fun fact: Akriti speaks 3 languages and hopes to travel to every continent (including Antarctica) someday.

Akshay Krishna

Hey everyone! This is Akshay. I'm a junior majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. I've lived in Chennai most part of my life and first came to US to Penn State. This is my first year as a part of Infusion and I'm so excited to work with the Tech team!

Akshith Peyyala

Akshith Peyyala is a freshman in Aerospace Engineering here at Penn State. His interest in dance stems from his participation in dance groups spanning from high school bhangra to Penn State Jadhoom. In his free time, you can often find him hanging out with his friends playing the guitar or under the covers catching up on Netflix. Overall, he is excited to see what Penn State Infusion is going to bring this year!

Arya Anand

Arya is a sophomore majoring in Political Science. Throughout high school she competed on various dance teams and is currently a part of Penn State’s Bhangra Team, Sher Bhangra. In her free time she enjoys reading a good book, watching The Office, and going to the Penn State Football Games. Arya is thrilled to be a Community Liaison for Infusion 2019 and is ready to handle the heat!!

Avani Gandhi

Avani Gandhi is a junior at Penn State, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and back on the Infusion Committee for her third year! After being hospitality manager last year, she's excited to be paired with an awesome team and watch them bring the heat! In her free time, Avani is active with lots of clubs on campus, binge watches Netflix, and explores every coffee shop in State College. Though she hasn't been involved on a collegiate team, Avani has been dancing for her whole life and also used to figure skate and is really excited to handle the heat for Infusion 2019!!

Krish Shethia

I’m a senior majoring in Industrial Engineering with a minor in English. I’m from Long Island, NY, and my hobbies include photography, writing and MMA. I’m really excited for Infusion this year and can’t wait to meet and watch all the amazing teams perform!

Krishan Patel

My name is Krishan Patel. I am currently a junior pursuing a bachelors in Civil Engineering. I enjoy playing and watching football. My favorite TV shows is Brooklyn Nine Nine and How I Met Your Mother. I am an aspiring member of the Avengers.

Kritika Senthil

My name is Kritika Senthil and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science. I have moved around all my life, I’ve lived in Japan, Switzerland, India and I currently live in New Jersey. I was a dancer and manager for Penn State Jadhoom my freshman year. I was also part of the R&R committee to ensure security for THON 2018. I am so excited to work as a Hospitality manager for Infusion and to help organise an amazing mixer for all the competing teams! I love the DDN circuit, I can’t wait to see all the teams get together and have a great time at Infusion!

Kunjal Kapadia

Kunjal is currently a freshman with an intended major in Accounting. Her love for performing Bollywood dancing on-stage led her to want to be a part of the off-stage production. After attending Infusion for the first time in 2018, she knew she wanted to get involved right away! In her free-time Kunjal enjoys travelling, playing tennis, dancing, hanging out with friends, and trying new foods.

Neel Mehta

I am a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering and minoring in Energy Business and Finance as well as Mathematics. Although I am not a dancer, I attended Infusion last year ad loved the whole event! I am from Scranton, PA (home of the Office) and I love to play and watch sports of all types. I eventually hope to earn a managerial position in a major company and own my own restaurant chain one day. I have a passion for protecting our environment and love hiking, swimming, and all outdoor activities.

Nishan Gandhi

My name is Nishan Gandhi and I am a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am from South Brunswick, NJ, which is the portion of Central Jersey that says Pork Roll instead of Taylor Ham. Previously, I held positions within SASA, THON, and Delta Sigma Iota but right now I am currently a co-captain for Penn State's Garba/Raas team, Penn State Ghaamudyaz. In my free time, I like to listen to hip-hop, reminisce about the 2016 Penn State vs. Ohio State Whiteout, take part in outdoor activities like hiking and white water rafting, and play Fortnite. On most days, you can find me at Beaver Hill, the IST Building, or Tacoria!

Pari Pancholy

Pari Pancholy is currently a freshman enrolled in Penn State's 7-year accelerated medical program. She's from Scranton, PA, and she enjoys the Office too! In her free time, Pari likes to run and sing Hindustani Classical Music. She is so excited to be a liaison for Infusion this year and meet the teams!

Parth Patel

My name is Parth I’m a junior majoring in computer science. I’m a transfer student from Penn State Brandywine branch campus. After witnessing the infusion competition as an audience member, I got inspired to join and take part in it myself. I am involved in THON as an Operations committee member. A fun fact about me, I am lactose intolerant but that never stops me from eating Penn State Creamery Ice Cream! I enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors. When I am not outside, I am binge watching TV shows on Netflix for an unhealthy amount of time. I am a huge Penn State and Eagles football fan. I am excited to make the most of this year

Pavani Samala

My name is Pavani Samala and I am a sophomore studying Engineering Science. I love to play tennis, travel to different cities, and spend time with my friends. This is my first year being part of Infusion and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great event!

Prutha Patel

I like to draw, can be a good photographer. Love travelling and watching Netflix (Obviously); my favorite series are Grey’s Anatomy and Sherlock Holmes. I am always down for spontaneous plans, and I love meeting new people and making new friends.

Ravleen Ingle

Ravleen is a pre-med major from Cleveland, OH (216 baby!) She works at the Sokolov-Miller Financial and Life Skills Center here at Penn State. Ravleen is also a member of Penn State’s very own, Sher Bhangra bruuuah!!! She’s been to multiple bhangra and fusion comps like Naachi Di Cleveland and Bollywood America but can’t wait to make Infusion the best one yet!

Shefali Raghavan

Shefali is a freshman from Yardley, PA majoring in Accounting with a minor in Security Risk Analysis. Because of her love for dance, she is excited to be a part of an organization like Infusion. Besides being a part of Infusion, Shefali is also part of Natya, involved in START, and Coffee Club. Shefali enjoys traveling, watching Suits, hanging out with friends, and photography.

Shreya Bhatt

Shreya is a senior majoring in Neurobiology and double minoring in Psychology and Business. She is co-captain of the Indian classical dance team Penn State Natya, and enjoys learning and dabbling in all types of dance styles. In her spare time you can catch her watching puppy videos, traveling, laughing at memes, or baking. After being a liaison for the past three years, she can’t wait to handle the heat one last time at Infusion 2019!

Srikar Nimmalapudi

Srikar Nimmalapudi is a junior studying Data Sciences from Northern Virginia. He has a kitten named Archie and loves to fly planes in his spare time. You can usually catch him playing basketball with the bros. As much as he loves dancing, he unfortunately fails miserably at every move except for the floss.

Sruthi Budigi

Hi my name is Sruthi Budigi and I'm a junior majoring in Biology with a business certificate. A fun fact about me is that I met the surgeon general Vivek Murthy a few years ago. The reason I'm doing infusion is so that I can be hip to the fusion circuit without actually having to dance on a team and I get to meet so many cool people from across the nation!

Swati Vipperla

Swati is a sophomore majoring in Finance with minors in Information Sciences & Technology and the Legal Environment of Business. She is excited to be a part of Infusion this year as Sponsorship Manager. Swati loves dance and is the treasurer of and a dancer on Penn State Natya. She is also part of a THON committee, involved in the Honors College, and participates in various other organizations across campus. In her free time, she loves to do puzzles, hang out with friends and family, and watch TV and movies.

Taniya Abraham

Taniya Abraham is a sophomore majoring in Psychology. When Taniya's not studying in the HUB, she's binge watching Bob’s Burgers or uploading pictures on her foodstagram, @taniyasgoodeats . Previously, she was a Technology and Production manager for Infusion last year. She can't wait to see what her second year on Infusion will have in store!

Vibha Modi

Hi! I'm Vibha and I'm a sophomore majoring in Data Sciences. Outside of classes, I enjoy working out, traveling, binge watching Netflix, and dancing (bhangra and fusion are my personal favorites), I was a team liaison last year, and I can't wait to bring the heat again this year and help make Infusion bigger and better!

Yash Shah

Yash Shah is a Senior from Long Island, NY majoring in Economics. Outside the classroom, Yash is also involved in other organizations such as the South Asian Student Association and a Special Events Committee Member for Penn State THON. Yash’s hobbies include creating videos, waiting for the next season of Rick and Morty to release, and traveling. This is Yash’s 3rd year being part of Infusion as a liaison!

Zishma Rana

Hi my name is Zishma! I’m a biology major in my junior year here at Penn State. You’ll never see me without some sort of caffeinated beverage. I joined infusion because I fell in love with the community and the atmosphere!

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